Imani Paul
Wanderlust |won-der-luhst| (n): A strong desire to travel.
— Merriam-Webster Dictionary

fly me to you!

If there are miles between us, you can always fly me to you! I was bitten by the travel bug at a young age and would absolutely love it if you showed me your beautiful city! If you’d like to bring me to your turf, submit your information for screening and we can go from there.

  • I enjoy spontaneity but when it comes to organizing a trip, I like to plan ahead. Screening and securing transportation take time, so be sure to get in touch with me at least one week before the proposed departure date.

  • A date minimum of 4 hours is required, along with a 50% deposit to reserve my time.

  • For safety and privacy reasons, I’ll book my own flight.

  • A fee for travel and any necessary lodging will be assessed, to be paid with the deposit.


 two for the road


Let’s get outta here!

Sometimes what’s needed isn’t an hours’ short reprieve, but a getaway. If you’d like me to tag along, let’s connect. I offer bespoke travel packages so that we can leave the everyday behind, together. Whether you want to make your business trip more enjoyable, or want a partner in crime for your next vacation, I’m available for excursions throughout the United States. You can let me know our vacation plans by filling out a Travel for Two form.

  • Travel for Two is available to returning suitors only. If we haven’t met yet, consider flying me to you for a date so that we can spend some time getting acquainted with each other first!

  • I ask for at least two weeks notice so that we have ample time to plan our trip, but the further in advance you get in touch, the better!

  • For privacy reasons, even if we are traveling together, I prefer to book my own ticket myself. Don’t worry, we can still sit next to each other on the flight if you like!