Rules of Engagement

  • Screening: Is simply my way of getting to know you and seeing if we’re a compatible match. You can either:

    • Fill out my secure booking form and send a picture of your ID (You’re welcome to block out your address—I only need your face and name.)

    • Email all of the required information along with a picture of your ID

  • Setting a date: I’m a gal who likes to stay one step ahead of my calendar, and screening takes time so you’ll want to plan ahead. Pre-booking is always a good idea! You’re welcome to schedule a date up to two months in advance, but at the absolute minimum, I’ll need 24-48 hours’ notice. Instances of same day availability are extremely rare and should they come about, my time is available to those who’ve already been screened. Speaking of that…

  • Pre-Screening: Whether you’re an out of state admirer interested in flying me to you or seeing me on tour, or a nearby suitor whose busy schedule prevents you from knowing when you’ll have the time to meet me, pre-screening is an excellent option. It never hurts to get the green light in advance! It’s good for up to six months. You’ll need to screen again only if we still haven’t met after that time.

  • The Formalities: Please present my rate in large bills in an unsealed envelope within the first few minutes of our date. I accept cash only. Your ID will be returned upon receiving the envelope. If we are meeting in public: For sake of discretion, please put the envelope in a greeting card or gift bag. Bonus points if you tuck it into your favorite book, comic or graphic novel! 

  • Hygiene: The old adage isn't wrong; cleanliness is indeed next to godliness. I'll always arrive for our date well manicured and fresh as a daisy.  I trust that you will too. That being said, I completely understand that we don’t always have the time to prepare. You're always welcome to freshen up at my place.

  • References: If we've seen each other within the past 6 months, I'll be glad to write a reference for you! Just be sure to ask me beforehand.

  • Behavior: Sincerity, kindness, and consideration for others are traits that I value in everybody I spend time with. Rudeness, aggression, or disregard for my boundaries are unacceptable. I reserve the right to end our date without refund should you make me feel uncomfortable or unsafe.